Meet Malaysian exhibitors at ANUGA 2019 in Cologne (05. – 09. Oktober 2019)


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Fine Food – Hall 1.1

ADABI CONSUMER INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Curry Product, Soup Product, Seasoning Product, Chili & Tomato Sauce, Osyter Sauce, Tom Yam, Noodle Paste, Canned Product, Pasta Sauce, Noodle Paste & Pancakes
AGROVERY SDN BHD Fresh Pineapple, Dehydrated Fruits, Process Fruits
ANGGUN DINAMIK HOLDINGS SDN BHD Sambal Dip Sauces, Satay Sauces, Beef Rendang Sauces, Sour And Spicy Sauces, Vegetarian Green Curry Sauces, Chili Crab Sauces, Teh Tarik Milk Tea, Honey Lemon Tea, Rendang Peanut Butter Sauce Signature, Asam Pedas Signature, Seafood Platter Signature
AS TENG TENG TRADING SDN BHD Ice Pop, Carbonated Drinks, Wafer Stick, Coconut Crispy Roll, Jam, Jelly & Puddings
BHAVANI FOODS (M) SDN BHD Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms
BON FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Breadcrumbs, Panko, Tempura, Seasonings & Marinades
CARE FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Curries, Dips, Marinades, Soup Bases, Stir-Fries, Noodle Sauces, Malaysian Rice Noodles Soups, Sauce Noodles
COCONUT WATER (COWA) SDN BHD Coconut Water, Coconut Juice Drink, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Chips
EEZDEE INTRADE SDN BHD Palm Olein (Cp6, Cp8 And Cp10), Vegetable Cooking Oil, Canola Soft Oil
FRASER & NEAVE (MALAYA) SDN BHD Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, 100plus Isotonic Drink
GHS FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. Nyonya Curry Sauces, Crispy Chilli Series, Malacca Satay Sauce, Herbs & Spices Soup Mix, Chicken Scallop Master Stock, Flounder Fish Seasoning Powder, Prawn Seasoning Powder, Kaya & Spread, Salted Egg Seasoning Powder
G & R FOOD’S SDN BHD Manufacturer Of Traditional Snacks And Nuts
HALAGEL (M) SDN BHD Rock Salt Coffee, Gelatine Unflavoured, Fruichef Gummies Pastil Mix Flavour
HARMONY LOTUS FOODS (M) SDN. BHD. Fresh Noodles & Dry Noodles
HEXA FOOD SDN BHD Herbs, Spices, Seasonings
LB FOOD SDN BHD Gummy, Cookies, Candy, Snack
MALAYSIAN PALM OIL COUNCIL(MPOC) Sustainably Produced Palm Oil & Palm Oil Products
S & P INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. Coconut Milk, Coconut Spread, Coconut Milk Powder
SGK FOOD INDUSTRY SDN BHD Crackers, Sandwich Crackers, Marie Biscuits, Soft Dough
SKS FOOD INDUSTRIES (M) SDN BHD Popcorn, Coconut Cookies, Popped Potato Chips
SPICES & SEASONINGS SPECIALITIES SDN BHD Ibumie Instant Noodles, Mayonnaise, Cooking Sauce Seasoning, Chilli Sauce
SUNTRACO FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Cooking Paste & Sauces (Chilli Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Etc)
TROPICA BEAUTY SDN BHD Coconut Paste, Coconut Flour, Lactation Cookies. Formula Milk for children, Virgin Coconut Oil
TROPICAL PRODUCE SDN BHD Coconut Milk Powder, Desiccated Coconut, Non-Dairy Creamer, Cocoa Powder, Cereals Quick Cooking White Oats, Oats Cereal Drink

Frozen Food – Hall 4.2

DOLUVO SDN BHD Sugar Free Shelf Stable Ice Lollies
GOLDEN FRESH SDN BHD Value-Added Seafood (Fish, Prawn & Squid) Coated & Marinated / Special Recipe for Global Market
HERNAN CORPORATION SDN BHD Durian Chocolate, Durian Mochi, Durian Pancake, Durian Cream Puff, Durian Daifuku

Drinks – Hall 8.1

COCONUT WATER (COWA) SDN BHD Coconut Water, Coconut Juice Drink, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Chips
MUNIF HIJJAZ MARKETING SDN BHD Premium Choco Malt Drink with Arabic Gum, Better Cafe Arabic Gum – Premix Coffee with Arabic Gum, Barley& Red Bit, Al – Manna Gum Arabic With Pomegranate
PALM FIBER SDN. BHD. Organic Drinks
POWER ROOT (M) SDN BHD Alicafe French Roast 18.5g, Alicafe Signature French Roast 25g, Alicafe French Roast Cappuccino 25g, Alicafe Classic 3 In 1 20g, Alitea Signature Cardamom, Alitea Signature Ginger, Alitea Signature Karak, Alitea Classic