K 2019

At K 2019 in Düsseldorf (16.-23.10.2019), MATRADE will present the following companies:


Glasfil Polymer Sdn Bhd

No.19, Jalan Taming P/1,
Off Lebuh Taming,
Taman Taming Jaya,
43300 Balakong,
Selangor, Malaysia

Phone No: +6 03 8961 8509
Fax No : +6 03 8961 6158
Email: info@glasfil.com
Website: www.glasfil.com

Since 1992, Glasfil Polymer Sdn. Bhd. has been specializing in Plastic Injection Molding with Mold Fabrication and Plastic Production. Our office with build-in factory is located at Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia. Having 25 years experience in the plastic industry, we are experts in producing plastic product for the construction, telecommunication, aviation, furniture, cosmetics, water meter, mining, automotive & plastic water taps.

Green World Recycling Sdn Bhd

Lot 5783, Jalan Seladang,
Alma, 14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia

Phone No: +6 04-552 1188
Fax No : +6 04-552 1182
Email: hozen@gwrmalaysia.com
Website: www.gwrmalaysia.com

Green World Recycling Sdn. Bhd. is one of the market’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of the alternative rubber raw material. Established in 2007, our main focus is on manufacturing reprocessed NBR, butyl reclaimed rubber, and all types of reclaimed rubber materials. Our main markets are South East Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

H.H Precision Mould Sdn Bhd

Lot 6, Jalan Halba 16/16, Section 16,
40200 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia

Phone No: +603-5510 7972
Fax No : +603-5510 7939
Email: johnleong@hhmould.com
Website: www.hhmould.com

H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading tool and die manufacturers in Malaysia with over 40 years of experiences in the market.
Our company provides plastic injection mould making services including product design, mould fabrication and assembling. Almost 70% percent of our customers are from overseas. We are using the latest genuine engineering CAD/ CAM/ CAE software such as Unigraphic, Moldex 3D, Autocad, Mastercam and Mold flow. We are one of the founders and active member of Malaysia Mould and Die Association (MMADA).

Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd

PLO 138, Jalan Nibong, Kawasan Perindustrian
Tangjung Langsat,
81700 Pasir Gudang
Johor, Malaysia

Phone No: +6 07 – 2562886
Fax No : +6 07 – 2562885
Email: khseah@henghiap.com.my
Website: www.henghiap.com

Formed in 2002, Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd (HHI) is at the forefront of developing innovative recycling technologies. Conceived and developed locally, the company has rolled out a total of 17 breakthrough technologies to date and filed one trademark.
One of our groundbreaking recycling technologies includes transforming plastic scrap into smart plastics which can be used in highly specialized niche applications.
Some unique features of Smart plastics with color and properties customizations include fire retarded, fast cycle, anti bacteria as follow:
1. High Melt PP
2. Bio Degradable PP
3. High Stiffness PP
4. FR PP
5. Anti Bacteria PP
The company has successfully exported its customized PP compound resins to 24 countries including UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Dubai, Australia etc. We are currently supply to four main industries as below:
1. Home Appliances
2. Automotive
3. Garden and Industrial packaging
4. Household
HHI is certified with REACH compliance and ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 under independent European Certification and has successfully obtained the InnoCert with A rating under MIGHT. HHI has also been awarded two prestigious accolades, namely the Product Excellence Award by MITI in November 2011 and the World Award of Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) by Junior Chamber
International (JCI) and United Nations. (UN). In 2015 we have received certificate for Brand Mark of Malaysia and Green Building Index for Gold Category.

Indochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP) Sdn Bhd

No 12. Jalan i-Park SAC 3
Senai Airport City
81400 Senai
Johor, Malaysia

Phone No: +6 07-5959 159
Fax No : –
Email: marketing@icbp.com.my
Website: www.icbp.com.my

Established in 2005, lndochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP) Sdn Bhd manufactures biodegradable, biobased and compostable plastic resin from non-food based tapioca starch. ICBP commenced an extensive R&D phase since 2001, thus becoming the leading manufacturer for bio based plastic resin in Malaysia. The main focus of ICBP is developing innovative solutions for bioplastics to promote global sustainability at a cost-efficient level to plastic converters.
ICBP Bio Resin are made from renewable resources, environmentally friendly, non-toxic with a low carbon footprint which is internationally certified to be compatible when blended with conventional petroleum plastic resin. The ICBP’s Research & Development team has developed biodegradable resin from tapioca starch as an alternative biopolymer. ICBP Bio Resin offers advantageous and unique processing properties and industrial grade characteristics to compete with other conventional plastic resins.
Currently, ICBP Bio Resin are used as a supplement to conventional petroleum plastics, however with the increase in environmental awareness and to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, bio plastic resin has entered into prominence as a replacement product, capitalizing on “Certified Green Technology” and environmental benefits.

KSK Globalink Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

2, Jalan Alan Iks Simpang Ampat
Taman Iks, Simpang Ampat
14100 P.W.S. Penang, Malaysia

Phone No: +604-588 9811
Fax No : +604-588 2811
Email: vivianlee@kskglobal.com
Website: www.kskglobal.com

KSK was established in 1999 and diversified business to reprocessed rubber industry in 2002 . The raw materials are derived from latex lumps and gloves, transform to new material called as REPROCESSED RUBBER. Besides, KSK also extended products line to several types of rubber products such like rubber gloves, hot water bottle and rubber mats. KSK is also active as natural rubber trader, registered under Malaysia Rubber

NSR Rubber Protective Sdn Bhd

NO. 6522, Jalan Ayamdidik 2/1
Kawasam Perusahaan Ringan
Taman Rai Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani
Kedah, Malaysia

Phone No: +604-441 4528
Fax No : +604-441 4598
Email: sales@nsr-rubber.com
Website: www.nsr-rubber.com

We produce various types of rubber components for automotive and electronics industries. Our product line includes compound development, compound mixing, compound to extrusion and precision compression moulded parts produced using rheometer, smart scope and profile projector for developing superior quality output.

Plastik STC Sdn Bhd

No. 7, Jalan TSB 9,
Taman Industri Sungai Buloh,
47000 Sungai Buloh,  Selangor, Malaysia

Phone No: +603-61576339
Fax No : +603-61568918
Email: kfair@hlhightech.com
Website: www.hlhightech.com

From humble beginnings in 1976, we have grown into an integrated manufacturer with more than 40 years in precision engineering plastics injection mould/tool-making and over 30 years in plastics injection moulding. We have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to maintain precisions of up to 3 microns.
Located in Selangor, Malaysia, our strength is in offering a great balance in cost-effectiveness with a skilled workforce at an affordable currency (MYR). Over 75% of our products are exported around the globe and we are well-accustomed to international standards and requirements.
Our focus is on Quality and On-Time Delivery, and towards these goals, we have adopted standards like ISO9001, ISO13485, Underwriters Laboratories & NEBB Clean Room (ISO Class 8) certifications.

Polyplas Sdn Bhd

13-05, Menara MBMR
NO. 1, Jalan Syed Putra
58000 Kuala Lumpur,, Malaysia

Phone No: +603-2785 0975
Fax No : –
Email: info@gscorp.com.my
Website: www.gscorp.com.my

Ge-Shen Corporation (Subsidiaries include Polyplas, Ge-Shen Plastic and Demand Options) is in the South-East Asian region specialising in plastic and metal components manufacturing and assembly services. We have capabilities in mould design, fabrication, stamping, injection moulding, surface finishing and subassembly. We serve many business sectors including automotive, medical devices & consumables,
industrial applications, consumer electronics, office automation, home appliances and aerospace. We aim to partner with customers, providing a one-stop manufacturing solution and accelerating product speed to market. In order to serve our customers better and remain competitive, Ge-Shen Group continually invests in technical capabilities, automation, infrastructure and staff. We also look to offering services in more locations around the world, broadening our geographical reach. Ge-Shen Group has a combined workforce of over 1,500 staff across 4 factories located in Malaysia and Vietnam and a global sales location in Singapore.

Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad is listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Respack Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Lot 87, Kawasan Perusahaan Bakar Arang,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia

Phone No: +604-4239885
Fax No : +604-4239886
Email: sales@respack.com.my
Website: www.respack.com.my

Respack manufactures both industrial and consumer plastic packaging products, such as cast stretch film, collation shrink film, various polyethylene blown-film products (e.g.: bags, liners, tubing on roll, etc), green PE products and biodegradable bags and sacks. In additional, we also produce a broad range of masterbatches and compounds to cover the needs of plastic converters.
Respack has steadily grown to become a reputable choice amongst consumers and purchasers of plastic packaging catering to various markets in the agriculture, food, medical, construction and industrial sectors. We serve customers from all across Asia, Australasia and Europe.
Our 280,000 sqft purpose built manufacturing plant located in Kedah houses state-of-the-art production lines which enable us to produce premium quality products serving various markets in different countries. With our on-going expansion, we are expected to run at a full capacity of 36,000 tonnes in 2019.
Respack is the 1 st producer of ventilated stretch film in Asia, of which our brand “AirMax Film” is pending the registration of patents and trademarks in Malaysia and in various countries.

Thong Guan Plastic & Paper Ind. Sdn Bhd

Plot 52, Jalan PKNK 1/6  Kawasan Perusahaan
Sungai Petani
08000 SG. Petani
Kedah, Malaysia

Phone No: +604 441 7888
Fax No : +604 442 1171
Email: info@thongguan.com
Website: www.thongguan.com

Thong Guan Plastic & Paper is one of the biggest stretch films producer in Malaysia. TG specialise in manufacturing stretch film, especially thin-gauge film at 12um below as well as high-end machine rolls for fully automatic application. We have recently commissioned a 55-nano layer production line from Germany.
We work closely with ExxonMobil Chemical and Dow Chemical for product development. Our production capacity for stretch film stands at about 6,000tons per month, of which 60% is 15um and below. We have also setup Newton R&D Centre to focus on pallet stability and safety. Mainly focusing on cargo securing during transit to reduce damaged goods in store shelves, saving brand owners a lot of money.